The Benefits


Low-cost solution for Industrial-Grade “Green Heat”from the sun, at  temperatures up to 400°C


40% cheaper than existing designs

30% – 70%

30% – 70% cheaper than existing non-renewable fuels

Uses heat from the Sun, heating the thermal medium. This in turn heats water and/or steam in a Heat Exchanger, may also serve as the Storage Unit.

Perflection CST collectors are Australian designed and built. As glass mirrors are not used, there are dramatic cost savings in manufacture, structure weight and concomitant installation costs. At end-of life (25+ years) all components are readily recyclable, closing the virtuous circle.

CST Heat produced will produce savings of 30% (June /July) and up to 80% in Summer on: Natural Gas, LPG, Diesel, Oil. Saving on Coal 5% (Fossil Energy prices as at 2019) CST heat has Zero Emissions.

The Solution

Impacts Solar is a renewable energy company, developing technology and projects for agriculture, industry and communities. Our proprietary solar thermal technologies concentrate and capture the heat of the sun to provide low and medium temperature solar heat for powering large-scale industrial and agricultural processes, water pumping, water supply, irrigation, mine dewatering and desalination. We replace conventional off-grid generation equipment with cost-effective solar thermal technologies to produce direct mechanical power. The process is more efficient than conventional PV and offers cost reductions for regional and remote areas where traditional fossil-fuel sources are costly and difficult to deliver.

Our Products

  • Perflection ® patented Gen 8 Concentrated Solar Collector (CSC)
  • Perflection® patented Midi Concentrated Solar Collector (CSC)
  • Perflection® patented Mini Concentrated Solar Collector (CSC)
  • Impacts’ Solar Intensity Simulator (ISIS©)
  • Impacts’ MED Calculator (IMED©) software (Desalination)
  • Impacts’ Solar Tracking (ITRAC©) technology (software and auto-controller hardware)
  • Impacts’ proprietary Sun-Stor© proprietary “Thermal Matrix” storage solution for low- cost, 24/7 industrial grade solar heat
  • Impacts’ Solar Timber Drying Kiln
  • Impacts’ OEM high performance industrial steam turbine for electrical power generation and high-volume water pumping
  • GREENoneTEC 95°c  panels
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Capability Statement

  • Proprietary knowledge and capability in solar thermal technology, design, engineering and analysis of high-value solar process heat and steam applications for heating, drying, desalination, hot water, steam production, power generation, water pumping and treatment, and related technologies and applications for use in agribusiness and industry.
  • Proprietary knowledge and capability in solar thermal refrigeration, chilling and cooling for industrial and commercial applications.
  • Extensive experience and capability in design, delivery and management of complex infrastructure projects and programs.
  • Specific interest, capability and experience in the red meat, poultry, pork and dairy industries, and long-standing and valuable relationships in the red meat industry.

Download Brochure: Capability Statement.pdf

Key Technologies and Products Under Development

  • Impacts patented Perflection Ultra © High-temperature Concentrated Solar Thermal panel. Perflection Ultra is the world’s first high temperature panel able to reach temperatures of 400°C. Perflection Ultra is the same size but half the thickness and half the weight of a photovoltaic panel and is currently undergoing advanced prototype manufacture (Currently being commercialised).
  • Impacts proprietary Solar Enhanced Waste Energy Recovery (SEWER) © technology. Impacts’ SEWER technology utilises high-temperature Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) energy to drive highly efficient hydrothermal carbonisation and liquification processes, to produce solid and liquid transportable and storable fuels from agricultural and municipal organic lignocellulosic wastes and effluent otherwise destined for landfill. The technology is currently entering the research phase with our university partners.
  • Green hydrogen production. Impacts has put in place the necessary building blocks and capabilities to allow us to become a leader in the production of affordable green hydrogen, using high-temperature solar thermal steam electrolysis (STSE). We are currently finalising a partnership agreement with a global leader in the supply of solar salt, and with extensive interests in ammonia and green hydrogen production.