Impacts supplies a complete range of solar thermal collectors for all your energy needs, for temperatures from ambient all the way up to 400°C, for the most demanding industrial applications.

Impacts has partnered with GREENoneTEC, the worlds’ largest solar thermal flat-plate-collector manufacturer, based in Austria.

GREENoneTec is the market leader in Europe with a manufacturing capability of 1.6 million m2 of collectors annually and 80% of all large-scale European solar thermal plants using GREENoneTEC collector technology.

GREENoneTEC has developed a full range of high quality large-area collectors for use in district heating and industry, optimised for system performance, safety and durability. The company’s industrial series production guarantees consistent, first-class product quality and a focus on conserving resources and ensuring cost efficiency for all your large-scale solar thermal projects, backed by 30 years of expertise as a global innovator and the know-how of world-leading Danish system pioneer Arcon-Sunmark.

For temperatures up to 95°C

GoT für unsere Produktion

GREENoneTEC Solarindustrie

E3Energy für South Africa

Brewery in South Africa


University in Riad

AALBORG CSP für Smorum

district heating in Denmark


Our patented Perflection® concentrated solar collector design enables an installed cost 30-40% cheaper than any competing technology, producing process heat with zero emissions for 30-70% less than fossil fuels including natural gas, LPG, diesel and oil, and at a cost comparable with coal.

Existing large-scale Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) solutions for power generation have historically been too expensive for industrial use, and up until now there have been no viable renewable solutions for energy-hungry industrial and agricultural users requiring high-value process heat.

Perflection is built on the realisation that the cost of energy could be slashed by simplifying the manufacture and installation of existing proven CST technologies for large-scale power generation projects, that have been operating successfully around the globe for more than 40 years.

Perflection is a TRULY disruptive technology. Our elegantly simple design incorporates a series of small, confocal parabolic mirror facets in a compact, lightweight planar format, that focus reflected sunlight onto a central receiver tube and deliver equivalent performance to standard parabolic trough designs, at a dramatically lower cost.

  • Design complexity is reduced
  • Reduced weight and materials
  • No complex joints and assembly methods.
  • Proprietary unbreakable 1mm thick reflectors are lightweight and safe
  • Manufacture and in-factory assembly uses robotic systems enabling high volume production
  • Reduced onsite cranage
  • Groundworks and foundations are minimised
  • Project delivery timeline is reduced
  • Insite labour, establishment costs and overheads are lower
  • These factors contribute to the lowest installed cost

Our unique on-board cleaning system eliminates high OPEX costs associated with maintaining mirror cleanliness.

Introducing the Impacts Perflection® range of solar thermal collectors The world’s first mass produced solution for low-cost industrial-scale solar heat for temperatures from 75°C up to 400°Coffer.

Perflection Series

  • “Industrial Grade” heat up to 400°C from the sun.
  • Lowest CapEx
  • 30% – 70% cheaper than natural gas, higher efficiency.

At Impacts solar we use the heat of the sun to produce clean energy and green heat. For food production and processing, industry and communities.

Our patented solar technology captures and concentrate the Sun’s rays to produce high quality process heat and steam for use in agricultural, industrial and municipal and processes including heating, irrigation, refrigeration, desalination, solar cooling, steam production, food and organic waste processing, sewerage sludge to fuel and power generation.

Our proprietary solutions are:

  • designed to replace high-cost depleting traditional fuels,
  • cost-effective, renewable, zero emission energy alternatives,
  • customisable and scalable to site specific conditions and customer needs,
  • lightweight, fully automated and provide decades of low maintenance operation,
  • designed for rapid deployment and ease of installation with minimum site labour, available with a fully integrated automated mirror cleaning system.

Our Services:

  • Design and engineering
  • Procurement and manufacture
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Build, own, operate, maintain
  • Heat as a service (HAAS – zero capital cost)
  • Project management.

With high efficiency thermal storage, Impacts can design and deliver reliable round-the-clock power and heat for significantly less than the cost of your fossil fuel solutions-slashing future energy costs while reducing your environmental footprint. And at the same time, insulating your business from reliance on expensive legacy systems, continuing cost increases, price volatility and supply disruption.

Impact patented Perflection series of solar thermal collectors utilise unbreakable curved mirrors to heat a central, liquid filled collector pipe to temperatures as high as 400°C. This heat can then be used for an almost limitless range of commercial applications.

How it’s different

Developed over more than 10 years, the Perflection Series has been designed from the ground up to deliver high grade solar heat for industrial and Agri-business processes and power generations requirements, at the lowest possible cost.

Perflection’s patented lightweight and simple design eliminates the cost and complexity of existing first and second generation parabolic trough solutions.

Compact planar structure

Unique design eliminates costly site works, massive foundations and support structures.

Utilises standard building materials for low-cost manufacture. Designed for flat packable containerised transport

Proprietary unbreakable mirrors

Designed for automated high-throughput manufacturing. One millimetre high reflectivity mirrors eliminate complex, heavy and fragile curved glass mirror systems.

Allows for easy manual handling and economical shipping around the globe.

Seamless integration

Engineered for seamless integration with existing plant and business processes.

Unique automated on-board cleaning system eliminates high ongoing OpEx costs associated with maintaining mirror cleanliness.

Advantages and benefits

Lowest installed cost per Kw
Half the weight of competing parabolic trough technology
40% cheaper than existing competing parabolic trough technology
30% cheaper than natural gas in Winter and up to 80% in Summer
Decades of low-maintenance operation in all environments

Slash environmental emissions.
The strength of Perflection is its simplicity
Developed in Australia, we believe it’s the lowest cost solar concentrator on the planet

Perflection MINI

Low-cost heat and steam
Rated to 250° C 10 Bar.

Why pay for expensive gas or diesel fuel when solar heat is available all year round, for free? Drying, cooling, heating, and process steam – whatever your requirements, there’s one simple, reliable, low cost solution for all your medium temperature industrial and agribusiness needs.

Air conditioning, refrigeration, thermal cooling and chillers

  • Boiling water for sterilisation
  • Rendering operations
  • Grain flaking in feedlots and feed mills
  • Food processing and canning
  • Drying grain, foodstuffs and timber
  • Desalination of seawater and saline groundwater
  • Solar boosting for low-grade groundwater
  • Industrial process dewatering and evaporators.

Perflection MIDI

High Grade process heat and steam for industry and agribusiness Rated to 350°C 40 Bar.

Imagine eliminating most of the cost of running your conventional steam boilers and refrigeration systems. Perfection MIDI offers seamless integration with your existing steam system to provide long term sustainable cost savings for all your heating and cooling needs often at a fraction of the cost of gas, diesel or electricity.


  • High value steam for abattoirs and grain flaking in feedlots
  • Air conditioning, refrigeration, thermal cooling and chillers
  • Food processing and canning
  • High temperature / high pressure steam
  • Industrial distillation
  • Industrial process dewatering and evaporators.
  • Zero liquid discharge systems
  • High Temperature industrial processes
  • Pharmaceuticals

Perflection GEN 8


  • Greenfield and brownfield power generation
  • High efficiency thermal cooling and refrigeration
  • Very high temperature industrial processes
  • Very high temperature / high pressure steam
  • Water pumping and treatment
  • Large scale cogeneration and trigeneration
  • Desalination as a by-product*

*Solar thermal powered desalination as a co-product of electrical power generation offers substantial reductions in cost and greenhouse gas emissions for the treatment of saline groundwater.


Over the past decade Impacts Solar has developed a suite of in-house solar design tools, based on leading industry practice and validated against the standard System Advisor Model (SAM) of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

ISIS© software

Impacts’ proprietary software for simulating solar intensity and forecast energy yield at a particular site.

IMED© software

Proprietary calculator for determining output from Multiple Effect Distillation (MED) operations using solar energy.

ITRAC© softer tracking technology

Software and auto-controller hardware for tracking the sun and positioning the Perflection modules during operation. Proprietary microprocessor-based controller eliminates the cost of name-brand PLC systems

Our proprietary ISIS and ITRAC software can accurately predict solar radiation received, sunrise and sunset and declination and inclination angle, etc., at a particular location (latitude) with variation of day of the year and time of day, to within 3% accuracy level. ITRAC works in

conjunction with our purpose-designed microprocessor-based auto-controller hardware, which eliminates reliance on expensive third-party PLC hardware.


Water Pumping

More than 2.8 billion people live in areas with high water scarcity. Water scarcity affects every continent and water usage is forecast to increase by 85% by 2035 Sun-Tap©, our solar water pumping solution for agriculture and municipal water supply, addresses this problem with a close-coupled mechanical-drive steam turbine solution for cost effective, low maintenance renewable water management


Thermal Storage

Thermal energy – heat – can be stored at higher efficiency and lower cost than
electrical storage batteries. (A thermos flask for example…) Impacts’ has designed a proprietary “Thermal Matrix” storage solution specifically for our target industrial market Uses abundant, benign and low-cost industrial minerals Substantially higher efficiency than batteries High energy density for high-volume storage


Grain Drying

Every year, hundreds of millions of tonnes of grain are dried for storage in order to inhibit microbial growth CST can be used effectively to replace non-renewable fuels used for large scale drying of grain, nuts, pulses etc We are currently scoping a solution for an Australian manufacturer of bulk commodity dryers and aeration systems for the agricultural and commercial food processing industries