Our Reason For Being

Impacts exists to provide affordable, sustainable solutions that contribute to global food, water and energy security.

Value Proposition

We are a proudly Australian Solar THERMAL specialist.

Our Value Proposition is very simple – lowest cost solar thermal energy. We deliver industrial-grade “Green Heat” from the sun at temperatures up to 400 Deg C for a full range of end-user applications, at a price point 40% LESS than any equivalent technology.


Our offering is integrated, end-to-end 24/7 baseload solar thermal energy.

Our solutions support protein and food production and processing, manufacturing, water supply, waste treatment, renewable energy and associated services, driven by low-cost solar thermal energy and high-efficiency thermal storage.

Our Technology Advantage

Our patented Perflection® concentrated solar collector design enables an installed cost 30-40% cheaper than any competing technology, producing process heat with zero emissions for 30-70% less than fossil fuels including natural gas, LPG, diesel and oil, and at a cost comparable with coal.

Existing large-scale Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) solutions for power generation have historically been too expensive for industrial use, and up until now there have been no viable renewable solutions for energy-hungry industrial and agricultural users requiring high-value process heat.

The Team

Trevor Powell

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Trevor is an experienced senior project manager and project director with more than 30 years’ experience in the delivery of complex, multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects around the world. Trevor has worked with numerous multinationals including Siemens (China), BHP Billiton (Australia), Dragages (HK), GEC (Singapore) and others, established a successful consulting services company in Asia and a steel manufacturing business in South Africa, and was Global VP Projects for Marconi Communications (London, Germany).
m +61 410 511 845
p +61 7 3041 1360
e trevor.powell@impacts.com

Ean Lean Lee (EL)

Chief Finance Officer
EL is a London trained Chartered Accountant with more than 40 years of diversified industry experience in audit, accounting, taxation, corporate finance, M&A and financial management. EL brings a wealth of practical, hands on experience in the UK, Asia, Australia, Russia, Nigeria and the UAE, and has worked with Deloitte in London, as Executive Director of Goldtron Ltd, a Singapore and as CFO of Wasco Energy Ltd, an Oil & Gas unit of Wah Seong Corporation Bhd, a Malaysian listed conglomerate.
m +60 17 368 2802
p +61 7 3041 1360
e el.lee@impacts.com

Nevill Fox

Product Manager Northern Region
Nevill is an experienced security, risk intelligence and communications specialist, and Senior Programmer Analyst & software development team leader with an Intelligence background for the Department of Defence. Nevill has produced Threat assessments, Vulnerability assessments and Risk Management Plans for Attorney Generals department (AGD), Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO), Defence Science & Technology Organisation (DSTO), Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), and others, and as System Architect for DMO Joint Command & Control System.
m +61 432 856 414
p +61 7 3041 1360
e nevill.fox@impacts.com

Peter Blackmore

Product Manager - Southern Region
Peter is a technology consultant with 40 years’ experience in national and international projects: Western Samoa (AusAid), Laos (UNDP), Saudi Arabia; Singapore; Tokyo; Chennai; London; Vienna; Dublin; New York; Atlanta; Los Angeles; and every Australian State and Territory. Clients include Santos Oil & Gas; Esso; Scentre Group; ASX; Zurich Capital Markets; Macquarie Bank; Boral; Clayton Utz; PwC; National Australia Bank; Royal Meridian Hotels; Department of Defence; Universities – Melbourne; Sydney; Deakin; James Cook; New England; Newcastle. He is an Adjunct Faculty Member of AVIXA.
m +61 419 395 967
p +61 7 3041 1360
e peter.blackmore@impacts.com

Dr Vasily Liaturynskyi

Engineering Manager
A PhD mechanical engineer with experience in design and manufacture of cranes and materials handling equipment, and complex industrial structures. Vasily is a senior university lecturer with skills in strength, buckling, vibration and durability analysis, and has undertaken scientific research in the fields of welding and residual stress/strain states. He has led development of our proprietary design that substantially reduces the complexity of existing parabolic troughs and drives our goal of significant cost reduction for CST.

Tim Gilroy

Project Manager
Tim is an experienced Senior Project Manager with over 25 years’ practical site experience. Tim brings an extensive background in project delivery, broad technical knowledge and expertise in design and contract management, and strong contractual, commercial and operational experience. Director of GEM Projects, previously Commercial Manager at Parsons Brinkerhoff and GM of a bulk materials company, Tim’s expertise includes multidisciplinary, complex technical projects up to $50M consistently on-schedule and on-budget.
m +61 417 725 959
p +61 7 3041 1360
e tim.gilroy@impacts.com

Anuj Garg

Principal Technologist & Thermodynamics Lead
Previously Senior Associate (Research) in the Department of Aerospace at IIT Kanpur, India, Anuj is a Mechanical Engineer with extensive experience in aerospace and thermal systems and numerous published papers and patents in the fields of controls, process optimization, heat exchangers and analytics. Anuj is a mathematical modelling and simulations specialist and is our lead in the areas of complex solar energy modelling, heat and mass transfer, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics.
p +61 7 3041 1360
e anuj.garg@impacts.com

Company History

After more than 25 years of planning and delivering major infrastructure projects globally, Trevor is bringing this expertise to solar thermal powered energy and water infrastructure.

“I’ve spent most of my career delivering major infrastructure projects and understand the commercial drivers for large developments. Most of the solar energy projects I have seen are too expensive to build and are complex to operate. So we started with a simple question: if the water in an ordinary garden hose can get hot enough to burn you, why can’t we find a more cost-effective way to use solar energy?”

Since 2007, Trevor has worked on developing solar thermal technologies, aimed at reducing energy and water costs. Whilst originally looking at electricity generation, Trevor identified a number of

widespread energy-hungry industrial and agricultural processes in regional and remote areas that could be directly powered by solar thermal heat, rather than traditional fuel sources that have enormous costs over the life of a project.

Trevor’s background includes senior roles on major resources, rail, infrastructure, construction and technology projects in Australia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Germany, the UK and South Africa, with leading companies including Bouygues, Marconi, Thales, GEC, Siemens, BHP Billiton and Xstrata Coal. He was appointed Global Vice President and Project Director for Marconi Communications based in London and later became Chief Operations Officer for Argus Solutions, an ASX-listed technology company. Trevor is a Certified Practising Project Director with the Australian Institute of Project Management.

Milestones and Achievements


  • Lodged first international patent for an innovative, low-cost Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) system, based on a hybrid parabolic trough design


  • Established partnership with University of WA for their patented Multiple Effect Distillation (MED) technology
  • Built and tested prototype Perflection collector
  • Winner of the 2013 Australian Innovation Challenge


  • Started developing detailed body of knowledge and capability, software and applications for solar modeling, complex thermodynamics and mechanics


  • Started working with Qld Govt to support commercialisation of our solar thermal capabilities in Queensland


  • Winner of the 2016 Moreton Bay Innovation Awards
  • Secured USD4.2M investment in Malaysia; started Impacts Malaysia
  • Received funding under the Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas program


  • Set up manufacturing capacity, progressed product development for Perflection Gen3-6
  • Developed proprietary solar tracker / controller
  • Partnered with SaltX for their patented nano-coated salt thermal storage solution


  • Malaysian Investor defaulted (only 20% invested)
  • Moved operations back to Queensland
  • Started working with Qld University of Technology (QUT)
  • Partnered with Alfa Laval for their global capability in delivering sophisticated water treatment solutions


  • Established Impacts Renewable Energy
  • Developed Perflection Series of products – Mini, Midi and Gen 8, rated for industry use
  • Developed proprietary solar timber drying kiln


  • Identified massive unsatisfied market for affordable process heat and steam for agribusiness and industry
  • Pivoted business to solar “Green Heat” for agribusiness and food production, processing and general industry


  • Partnered with GREENoneTEC for solar thermal flat-plate collectors operating up to 95°C.
  • Commenced development of Solar Enhanced Waster Energy Recovery (SEWER) technology.
  • Started working with Yara for their patented Yara MOST ternary molten solar salt technology


  • Partnered with MGA Thermal for their patented Miscibility Gap Alloys (MGA) thermal storage solution
  • Partnered with University of Southern Queensland to jointly research solar thermal applications and solutions, established Impacts’ testing laboratory
  • Developed Perflection Ultra, the current generation of our world-leading concentrated solar collector (CSC) technology