Over the past three months Impacts Solar has been working with a team in the Griffith Business School’s MBA program as the technology provider for their submission in The G20 Global Business Challenge, a graduate business case competition being conducted as a partnership between Queensland University of Technology, The University of Queensland and Griffith University, and with the support of government and industry.


After development of an extensive business case and presentation the “Impacts Solutions” team from Griffith University are one of only 6 finalists from over 40 submissions from 18 countries, including teams from Monash University, The University of California Berkeley, The University of Pennsylvania, The University of Melbourne and many others.


“The G20 Global Business Challenge (G20 GBC) is the first global graduate business case competition that is also aimed at developing solutions to global problems. The G20 GBC leverages on Australia’s G20 Presidency in 2014 by directly supporting a number of the key G20 Agendas’, specifically development and growth. In particular, it has a desire to maintain a tight focus on practical outcomes that will lift growth, boost participation, create jobs and build the resilience of the global economy. 


The G20 Global Business Challenge is a unique competition of graduate students from the worlds’ leading business schools and universities to leverage their capabilities with collaborators from the research and business communities to formulate proposed solutions to major global challenges.”


The “Impacts Solutions” team chose to investigate the global demand and market opportunity to provide cost-effective, large-scale renewable water solutions in the developing world, and settled on two parallel offerings for Nauru (approximate population of 10,000) and a suburb of Chennai, India (approximate population of 100,000).


The challenging criteria they set themselves was that the asset was to be financed, established, maintained and operated by the communities in which they were established, as viable commercial undertakings and not dependent on government incentives. The solution proposed by the team was not only met, but completely over achieved on the criteria set by the United Nations Development Programme and also eclipsed many of the conventional offerings available on the market today.


The finals are to be held in Brisbane as part of the lead up to the G20 Leaders Summit.

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