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About Us

Welcome to Impacts Solar

We are committed to helping farmers, industry and local communities access cost-effective energy and water.


Impacts Solar is a renewable energy company, developing technology and projects for agriculture, industry and communities.  Our proprietary solar thermal technologies concentrate and capture the heat of the sun to provide low and medium temperature solar heat for powering large-scale industrial and agricultural processes, water pumping, water supply, irrigation, mine dewatering and desalination. We replace conventional off-grid generation equipment with cost-effective solar thermal technologies to produce direct mechanical power. The process is more efficient than conventional PV and offers cost reductions for regional and remote areas where traditional fossil-fuel sources are costly and difficult to deliver.


Our project delivery capability is built on more than 25 years of international experience in the delivery of large-scale infrastructure projects. Technical veracity, smart partnerships and project management expertise is at the heart of the Impacts Solar mix.


Our solutions are:

  • Energy-Smart Agriculture

    Solar water pumping, irrigation and energy for agriculture and food production.

  • Industrial Process Heat

    Sustainable alternatives for diesel, gas or electric fired stationary boilers in industrial, manufacturing, mining and process plants. Baseload or supplementary heat from 60-350ºC.

  • Water for Communities

    Solar powered water supply and treatment for remote areas and municipalities.

  • Improved Efficiency Desalination

    Low-energy and low-emissions solar power alternative to reverse osmosis desalination.



Contact us to discuss how Impacts Solar can customise, deploy and operate practical renewable energy and water solutions for your project or site




Our Capability & Approach


25 years of international project management experience in complex, large-scale infrastructure delivery including resources, energy, rail and construction. Impacts Solar is now applying this expertise to renewable energy.


Our team of designers, engineers & estimators have extensive experience on major infrastructure projects. The team is committed to meeting the needs of customers through technical veracity, reliability & practicality.


Designed for ease of deployment from large-scale agricultural and industrial projects to smaller-scale community and farming applications. Impacts Solar offers flexible solutions from technology-supply to build-own-operate contracts.


Impacts Solar aims to grow the reach of solar thermal energy as an economically-smart & reliable alternative to traditional fuels. We are doing this by working closely with partners & prospective customers to develop fit-for-purpose solutions.

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